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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Again with the eBay?

I seem to go through spurts on eBay. I may be bidding a lot but not winning anything, or I may just be too busy to bid. It was a bit of the latter a couple weeks ago, as I was focusing on smaller stuff through COMC. I currently own 188 cards through the site, and have another 15 in my cart. Anyway, I did a bit of bidding last week and some of the spoils have started showing up. Here's my takes through Thursday:

All from one seller, I picked up a group of inserts and game used stuff. It started with the Pujols Elite insert (towards finishing the impossible Elite Series insert set run 1991-2005 - I have 16 cards - 7.8% of the overall "set"), adding on the additional cards shown because of free shipping and low prices. The Thome and Sisler are available for trade.

From various sellers, I picked up a bunch of other fun stuff. I got my red diamond Target exclusive in Jackie Robinson (should have been blue for him), a couple steroid Teknicians - McGwire and Clemens (how appropriate is that name in hindsight?) for my Topps Tek master sets, Greg Maddux Passport to the Majors (fun  idea for an insert set), 2010 Bowman Platinum of Brett Jackson, and 1995 Leaf Slideshow Frank Thomas. I now only need card 6B from that set, and I'm finished with it!

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