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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Insert Catchy Trade Title Here

I think it's time for a catchy title for my trade, eBay, and break posts. I'm having fun coming up with with titles based on the trader's blog names and such, but I'm working through some thoughts:

This Trade Is Cool? Nah, way too easy.
Cable Car Delivery? Blah.
Going Postal? I think that'll work for trades and eBay. So I bring you:

Going Postal 1: From the Jersey Shore

Well, not the shore. But Jersey, at least. Paul contacted me to do a trade for some Upper Deck cards, and we finished up the trade this week. Here's the goodies I got:
First, three more 20th Anniversary Retrospectives. The Desert Storm card is almost perfect - if only the camera had the destroyed car a little more in frame.
 There were several base cards from '09 UD. I've shown a lot from this set.
These three were probably the best shots included in the package - a saluting Todd Jones, Mike Jacobs getting intimate with the wall, and Rocco Baldelli hitting the breaks.

Thanks Paul for a great easy trade!

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