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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Half-A-Mega-Trade Part 3

We're about half-way done with all the cards Dominic of Buckeye State sent last week in a trade. It just keeps getting better as we go on - this post, I'll show you some of the 20th Anniversary Retrospectives he sent.

Most people probably don't care at all for this set. I don't like it 100% - I have no problem with it being 2500 cards, but what does bother me is that there aren't 2500 different subjects. There are five cards for every "subject" so there really are only 500 subjects. And if you search for Ken Griffey Jr in the checklist, he comes up 60 times - 12 subjects. That is a complete insert set in itself! I would have rather had 2500 different cards, or (better yet) 500 different cards - one per subject. Anyway, on to the impossible set I'm insanely trying to complete:
Kenny Rogers' perfect game gets a treatment. He only had eight strikeouts, which means he had a good set of fielders behind him to get the perfect game. Incidentally, he does not have a single certified autograph, which sucks because he's on my autograph want list.
One of the sixty Griffey Jr. cards in the set.
Several of the cards focus on a single event - the MLB All-Century team. Ripken is featured here.
I like the set more for a look at the history over the past 20 years, including the technology subset.
I didn't think Nixon was president in 1989, and that the Vietnam War was still going on. Thank you, Upper Deck!
That's a touching picture of Torre.
One of my heroes as a child.
Jonas Brothers? Justin Bieber's older brothers? NSync? The card doesn't say who, exactly, this is.
The back of this card implies that Duke wasn't a winning team until 1991.
Freedom isn't free! It's relevant that the foil stamp on the left side says "Revolutions of 1989" - if Upper Deck was to release a retrospective set for this year, it could make a Middle East Revolutions of 2011 subset.
Frosty hair! Wayne Gretzky is not a pretty man. But if you photoshop a bottle of Axe or shampoo or deodorant, you've got yourself a commercial!
Michael Jordan. Enough said. I remember when everyone was paying like $10 for his cards from this set. Silly people.
Mike Schmidt looks like a used car salesman.
When you run out of images, use a picture of a ticket.

And we'll close with a Bush. Mentioning a bird. If you're under 30 years old you might not get the joke.

That's it for this post! The next one focuses solely on the inserts Dominic sent.

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