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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Zippy Zappy Fukubukuro: Part Three

When Zippy Zappy gives a lucky bag, the bag just keeps giving. It's like Mary Poppins' carpetbag.
 One of the team bag "packs" held a lot of minor league cards.
 Those first four cards cover the past four years of the NY-Penn League Top Prospects sets, though there were several more cards from each set in the pack!
 And a 2014 Brooklyn Cyclones card for good measure to go along with a Bowman parallel (retail only)!
 There were several cards from this cool retail box set that Topps issued in 2010 commemorating the Yankees 27 titles. Yes, Topps has done a lot of reprint and throwback issues, but I like this concept - one player from each of the Yankees World Champion teams. Many of the cards from the set were included, so I might just grab the missing ones and have a full set of my own!

And remember, according to the set's listing on
  • The Total Beckett Value for all 27 Cards is over $57 !!
 The last card I scanned from that pack was this pizza card! It's probably a good thing I didn't live in America this year, because I would have bought so much pizza. I hope Topps continues to team up with retailers for food and product issues - these are the kinds of things that attract kids to the hobby.
 I had a hard time scanning packs through my sheet-fed scanner. This is the best I could do for the first custom pack in the bag.
 A nice numbered parallel is a good start!
 As much as I dislike Bowman Chrome, these cards look really nice in person. The chrome shines well here.
 I'm not sure why I scanned the backs of so many of these cards. But this card is a reminder that I might some day go back and grab all the Topps Archives sets, even though I don't do Heritage.
 Another minor league card! Folks, if you have single minor league cards from team sets, I can use them. I have a spreadsheet somewhere, but unless it comes from around 1988-1991, I'm pretty sure I need it.
 More nice cards for my type collection! The Alcantara card is a Prospects card. It's hard to read his name thanks to the font choice. Rs and As look very similar in all capital letters.
 Yeah, that Salvador Perez Bunt card is numbered!
 A little Say Hey Kid from Bunt, too. I almost bought the set. I'm still interested in one of the insert sets.
 Oh, just a Jose Altuve card... from the Astros team set!
 The last pack for today's long post is this Bowman 2015 pack. But of course, there were no Bowman cards inside.
 A couple more Top Prospects cards!
Okay, I lied. There was one Bowman card inside. But it was Buck Farmer, my biggest super-collection!

 I don't think collectors have much of an actual choice when it comes to minor league team sets. Each team generally issues one set each year.
 In case you were wondering, here is the checklist from the NY-Penn League set.
 A couple more for the type collection.
 These cards keep popping up in random places. This is a 2014 Korean Super Star Baseball Card. It's designed to be used in a game, but NPB Card Guy and others have taken to just collecting the set.
The last card for the day is this Whitey. That's a good picture with Yankee Stadium in the background!

And yes, there is more to come. So, until then...


  1. I love the food-issued sets. Japan has done their fair share and I have a stack of soccer cards that I got from drinks when I lived there. Good stuff and nice keeps-on-giving package for sure.

    1. I have a post coming up in a couple days about a food set that I have no business collecting. They remind me so much of finding cards in the supermarket aisles as a kid.