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Friday, January 6, 2017

Can You Feel the Force?

There's a pun in that title. And no, it's not quite as obvious as you might think.

As Zippy Zappy and I were heading back to the train station, we stopped at a convenience store for some drinks for his ride home. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but then I saw these:
 Star Wars coffee cans with plastic lids! There's C-3PO, R2-D2, Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and a stormtrooper!
 Those plastic domes pop off the can so you can drink the coffee (I haven't tried it yet, by the way), but they also hold a secret.
Hidden inside each dome is a tiny figurine! I didn't want to take them out of their plastic wrappers, so I just pulled out Mr. Gold Robot here so you could see what it looks like. It's pretty small, about as tall as those old 7-11 Slurpee baseball discs I used to get as a kid. (Mmm. Slurpees.)

As you can see, I grabbed all six types, because I've learned that if you wait to buy any promotional item, it might be completely sold out by the very next day. There's a small paper insert with images of all six figurines;
There's not much detail to them - better than a 3D printer, but they're just molded plastic. I'm not complaining, though - unless the coffee sucks.

Until next time...


  1. Love seeing regional Star Wars promos. Cool!

    1. There are tons of Star Wars things here. Product tie-ins for movies, TV shows, and characters are huge in Japan, and Star Wars is one of the biggest.

  2. Very cool. Hopefully some of the local Japanese grocery stores will carry these.

    1. I haven't seen them here since buying these a week ago. Either they're very limited or they sold very fast.