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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TOPPSahawk Chopping: A Trade Post

Derek of Tomahawk Chopping and I have completed as many trades as I have fingers on my right hand. That would be five. This time it was Topps-for-Topps to help each other out. He sent me 26 base cards. This isn't all of them. Posting 26 images of base cards in individual scans is crazy. Especially the way my scanner frames them. This is just a fun sampling!
 What's up with the rainbow sunglasses?
 Dude! Evan Longoria Sparkle SP Super Rare!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, that's just the Rays logo.
 Brian Wilson looks like he's about to chop some heads off. That's a scary picture.
 I like this angle for pitcher photography. It's not quite overused yet.
 Dude! Ichiro Super Sparkle SP Awesomeness! Oh, that's just the navigation symbol in the S. How many cards exist with Ichiro in exactly that pose?
 Everth needs someone to teach him how to put on pants. That's some seriously strange tucking going on. At least we know where this picture was taken.
 Run, Asdrubal, run! The only sparkle on this card is the bling on the necklace.
 This photo is overexposed. I noticed Topps used this type of photo (running out of the batters box) on several cards this series.
Derek sent five cards from the 60 Years of Topps insert, four from Before There Was Topps, and seven of the awesome Kimball Champions!
Derek already posted what I sent him. Thanks, yet again, Derek! We already have another trade starting to build. Amazing.

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