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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New Home for Upper Deck

Card Collector Digest just posted about Upper Deck's move down the street to a smaller building.

The old building was designed to do a lot more than Upper Deck does at its headquarters now, so it makes sense to downsize, whether or not they're printing more or less cards.

UD's Old Headquarters
Looking at the two buildings via satellite, it certainly looks like a step down, though. I've been to Upper Deck's old headquarters, and it was a classy, "We are very important in our industry" building. The "street view" of the new headquarters shows that it isn't just a warehouse building, but it doesn't command the respect of the old office building; in fact, it's quite nondescript. The CCD article mentions why Upper Deck would downsize their headquarters, but I have to wonder how long they'll last as a company, with all the troubles they seem to have.

The building Upper Deck is moving into isn't custom-built to their specifications, like their old HQ - it was home to a bio-tech firm. There are several biotech companies still located in the area.

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