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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Lost Warming the Bench with Women who Whisper to Ghosts Through a Stargate.

Rarely do I show off non-sport on this blog. There's no reason for that choice other than I rarely get new non-sport cards to add to my collection. I recently spent a couple evenings sorting through my non-sport collection list, cleaning up the listing titles and verifying it was up-to-date. I still have a bit more work on it, but I know now that I have over 550 non-sport sets to complete, or even start. I've been neglecting the collection, but I'll devote a few nights to it at some point and knock a bunch of the newer sets off the list. It's much easier buying non-sport sets than it is buying baseball sets. On the flip side, it's quite difficult completing non-sport sets, while baseball card singles are relatively easy to come by.

These sets were all $5 each from one dealer at the show this weekend. Six sets down, hundreds to go.
 BenchWarmer cards are just so awesome. You know you like them. You want me to show all 72 cards in the set. Beg.
 There are sets on my list for shows that I've never or rarely seen. Stargate isn't a bad show, but I don't follow it. Why do I collect the sets? I don't think I'll ever know.
 I have most of the Star Trek sets, but this recent set eluded me until Saturday.
 Anyone remember Jennifer Love Hewitt in a movie called Can't Hardly Wait? Yeah, I really liked that movie.  It had all the stereotypical high school characters, including Jennifer as the hot goddess of Ethan Embry's fantasies. I fell in love with the soundtrack too. Ahh, high school and college, when my life was defined by the movies I watched and the music I listened to. It was women like Hewitt, Alicia Silverstone, and Sarah Michelle Gellar who distracted me from baseball. I have Hewitt's autograph on a couple 4x6 snapshots that I'm really proud of - you won't find these pictures anywhere else.

Yes, I watch Ghost Whisperer. Not religiously, but come on, with the wonders of makeup and high-strength bra straps, Jennifer Love Hewitt still looks beautiful.

 The last two sets are from the TV show Lost. This is another show I never got into, but the completist in me wants it in the collection. Hopefully we've seen the last of Lost trading card sets.

Could that title be any more Fiona Apple-esque? At least now it should make sense, even if my non-sport collection doesn't.


  1. awesome! I can't believe you got those sets for $5...

    I love non sports cards.... have quite a few sets myself, and some traders too.

  2. No worries, you aren't the only one who collect Benchwarmer. If you need some more Benchwarmer sets let me know. I have a few extra laying around I could let go for cheap.

  3. These days, if I can't pick up a non-sport set for $5, I'm probably not going to buy it. There are some releases I'll need to pay more for, but those can wait.

    If it's listed as a need on my non-sports list (linked through the Want Lists page) I'm interested.