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Friday, June 24, 2011

Cards From Across The Bay: Lovin' You Lots and Lots

There is a dealer at the show who packages about 500 cards together and sells them for a buck. It's mostly mid-80s to early 90s junk. But I've found some decent cards inside, usually related to my Awards/Leaders collection.

Unfortunately, he forgot his baseball lots, so I was left searching for lesser lots.

This one was a buck:
 All the above cards weren't the reason I picked up the lot. There are some decent cards in there, but not worth a buck. On the outside of the package, was this card:
 High Beckett value: $15. Cheapest on COMC: $3. Not available on Sportlots. So yeah, I'll pick this up for my DK collection.
 This little lot of women's sports schedules are essentially worthless, but they're nice card-sized additions to my collection.

Last, the greatest of all time.
Interesting that most of Rickey's Topps, Fleer, Score, and Upper Deck cards show him running bases, but none of his Donruss cards do. I picked this lot up for the Topps cards I knew would be inside, but I'll be keeping the Upper Deck cards as well.

Well, that was surprisingly short. Other than the massive amount of images, that is. I'll wrap this up in a few hours, with all the fabulous hits I picked up. Actually, I did quite well in that respect. Stay tuned!

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