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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Target Finally Comes Through

I can't remember the last time I opened packs. Oh, right. I was in Los Angeles, and it was one of those value boxes (the only time I ever found one, coincidentally). Since then, both Gypsy Queen and Bowman were released. I saw a few packs of Gypsy Queen in stores, and I've been seeing empty gravity feed boxes of Bowman since its release. I would have picked up a discounted blaster, but they're fairly rare around here.

All that changed Sunday. On the hunt for taco seasoning, I made the obligatory walk by the card aisle. I expected to see the usual - leftover 2010 Topps Chrome value boxes, football blasters, and plenty of loose '11 Topps and Opening Day packs along with all the other stuff I never pay attention to. I wasn't disappointed on that expectation, but in my scan for blasters I noticed something different: a 40% off blaster of Upper Deck 2010. $12 for a guaranteed boring jersey and 80 other cards isn't too bad, and perhaps I'll pull some inserts I don't have, or maybe I can start putting together the Ballparks subset.

I noticed the empty Bowman gravity feed, and a quick scan of the rack packs didn't show any GQs or Bowman, but then I started seeing red. All over the place. Little stacks of Bowman packs were scattered amongst the retail boxes on the shelf. At first, I saw one stack of eight. Then, more and more became visible. I even finally noticed the retail box they came from, difficult to spot due to all the packs being turned sideways in the box. You know what that means, though - pack searchers. I'm surprised they didn't just buy all the packs in hopes of locating some Harpers. Anyway, I reasoned myself out of buying the loose packs, and took one last glance back at the hanging blisters on my way out. Wait, what's this? A Bowman three-pack? With three exclusive purple parallel cards? You've got a deal!

I'll get to the Bowman blister tomorrow. But first, let's see what awaits in the golden green box.

Packe The Firste
  • 322 Jon Rauch
  • 441 Jeremy Affeldt
  • 395 Jason Jaramillo
  • Portraits SE-74 Barry Zito
  • Season Biography SB-108 Albert Pujols
  • 95 Kevin Youkilis
  • 534 Austin Kearns
  • 579 Rockies Team Checklist
Packe The Seconde
  • 92 David Ortiz
  • 39 Justin Turner Star Rookie
  • 129 Alexei Ramirez
  • 82 Chad Moeller
  • Celebrity Predictors CP-15/CP-16 (no clue who these two are even though I posted about this whole set last month)
  • 369 Joey Devine
  • 233 Jose Valverde
  • 428 Eugenio Velez
Packe The Thirde
  • 475 Ryan Franklin
  • 296 Braden Looper
  • 481 Carlos Pena
  • Season Biography SB-34 Zack Greinke
  • Pure Heat PH-12 Prince Fielder (someone else just posted this card on their blog)
  • 46 Miguel Montero
  • 494 Nelson Cruz
  • 570 Washington DC Ballparks (it took three packs, but the collection begins)
Packe The Fourthe
  • 3 Eric Young Star Rookie
  • 209 Cody Ross
  • 204 Bobby Seay
  • 353 A.J. Burnett
  • Season Biography SB-196 Andres Torres
  • 414 Chris Young
  • 452 Brandon Morrow
  • 584 Angels Team Checklist
Packe The Fifthe
  • 74 Adam Jones
  • 472 Kyle McClellan
  • 312 Brendan Harris
  • Portraits SE-2 Dan Haren
  • 99 George Kottaras
  • 538 Garrett Mock
  • 140 D.J. Carrasco
  • 552 Houston, Texas Ballpark
Packe The Sixthe
  • 526 Josh Willingham
  • 157 Jared Burton
  • 266 Jeff Mathis
  • Season Biography SB-90 Tommy Hanson
  • Supreme Green S-45 Carl Crawford (maybe it isn't green, because Beckett says these should be serially numbered to 100)
  • 330 Omir Santos
  • 237 Bud Norris
  • 177 Seth Smith
Packe The Seventhe
  • 442 Russell Branyan
  • 429 Pablo Sandoval
  • 297 Yovani Gallardo
  • 337 Bobby Parnell
  • 236 LaTroy Hawkins
  • 415 Luis Perdomo
  • 575 Cubs Team Checklist
  • 512 Brett Cecil
Packe The Eighthe
  • 9 Tyler Flowers Star Rookie
  • 115 Mike Fontenot
  • Season Biography SB-156 Russell Branyan
  • Celebrity Predictors CP-9/CP-10 Again, no clue who these two are. Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow? (Yes, I realize I could just look it up but I'd rather leave it to the imagination.)
  • All World AW-3 Carlos Lee
  • 50 Dan Haren
  • 148 Brandon Phillips
  • 561 Philadelphia Ballpark
Packe The Ninthe
  • 142 Justin Lehr
  • 27 Dusty Hughes Star Rookie
  • 249 Kyle Davies
  • 421 Cha Seung Bank
  • 376 Chase Utley
  • 283 Corey Wade
  • 456 Mark Lowe
  • 593 Padres Team Checklist
Packe The Tenthe
  • 12 Tommy Manzella
  • 516 Aaron Hill
  • 173 Jensen Lewis
  • Game Jersey UDGJ-AP Albert Pujols (nice! Though it is just a gray swatch.)
  • 321 Anthony Swarzak
  • 187 Franklin Morales
  • 77 Felix Pie
Over a year after the fact, I finally opened some 2010 Upper Deck. I already have the set (thanks, eBay deal). I like the base design - it feels modern and polished. The inserts feel like 2006 Ultra, with a nice design and no importance or meaning. The Pujols jersey is a nice pull, and it already has a place in my collection. The ballpark subset cards feel unique because they show the stadium from the outside. If I didn't already have the set it would be nice to pick up a cheap hobby box (in fact, if I have the money at the next show, I might just do that anyway).

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