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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Topps Series 2: Box Number 2

Here are my results from the second Target hanging box of Topps Series 2. I noticed a lot of duplicates with the base cards already, so I'll have a trade page up by the end of the week (if it isn't up already).

Starting with the base card highlights:
 A couple horizontal catchers. That Mauer is a beautiful shot.
 Now for some fielders - a couple leaping catches and a bit of a pickle!
 And now some west coast horizontalness.
 I pulled two more 60YOT cards in this box - the Ramirez is a regular card and the Gwynn is an original back. Both of those go towards the set (as with yesterday, the Gwynn will be traded for 2 regular back 60YOT or 2 Kimballs). The Posey will go towards the beginning player collection. How nice of him to break his foot.
 Cobb Kimball for the set, and the Giveaway results will be posted when I'm done with all four boxes.
 Heyward and Berkman for trade!
 Lee and Mauer for trade!
Price and Lester for trade!

The trading page is starting to take shape on this page.

Let's make a deal! More tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Could you set the diamond-y Heyward and Koufax/Kershaw Diamond Duos aside for me?

    I'd be mighty grateful.