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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Target: Topps Series 2

Yesterday I posted on some Allen & Ginter packs I picked up on Thursday. The trip resulted in a second purchase of cards: yet another hanging box of Series 2 Topps. I think this is my fifth. I would have preferred rack packs, but this Target was sold out if they've carried them at all.

 Topps needs to do something about these Spring Training photos. Are they so busy they can't stick around for a day or two to photograph the players in action?
 Three pitchers, in action. Sort of. Again, Spring Training photos suck in an MLB product. I love throwback jersey photos though. Now that could be a good insert set - players in throwback jerseys.
 A couple horizontal cards. I wonder where that ball is headed on Izturis's card. It looks like it's aiming for the back of his skull. Where's second base?

I only needed one card out of the entire stack of cards for my set. What up with that?

 Now for some inserts. All three of these are for trade.
 These three are also for trade!
The Kimball isn't for trade, but Palmer (60YOT#89) and Rodriguez/Jeter (60YOT Original Back #112) are. How am I getting so many duplicates?

The boxes come with a guaranteed Diamond Giveaway code. What did I unlock?
Awesome. Yeah. I guess you can't win them all.

All my base and insert cards from series 2 that are available for trade are listed here! Make an offer - I still need 60 Years of Topps, Kimball, and Before There Was Topps, as well as base cards.

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