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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm lying in bed, just like Brian Wilson did...

I opened up some more Topps Series 2 - four rack packs, and I'm going to show off some of the better stuff from those packs. All my available and needed series 2 cards are located on this page. I need base, Kimball Champions, 60 Years of Topps, and a few of the Before There Was Topps.

This is pack four, the last pack. Thirty-six cards, including eight inserts.

 Justin Duchscherer has a complicated last name and a boring photo. Is that a leftover from Heritage? Mike Fontenot sure is happy. Jason Heyward has two "base" cards in the set, the rookie cup and regular card.
 I pulled an extra Diamond parallel in this pack. Eddie Mathews retired SP! He's already gone in a trade.
 I like pop culture references in my trading card posts, and I like the Barenaked Ladies. I saw them live back in 2004. Oh, and there's a Ty Cobb card.
I believe this is my first Before There Was Topps that I actually pulled from a pack. That's fine - I think there's only eight in the set and I already have three more on the way in a trade. McCann is another player I should be collecting, and Mattingly is another insert set-building need!

So far, I've purchased four hanging boxes and four rack packs. I believe you get more inserts by buying rack packs than by buying hanging boxes, but I'm a set builder right now so I'm happy I bought the hanging boxes. I traded 1/3 of my extras to Derek for cards I need, which is a good thing! I may need to pick up more rack packs to build some more insert stock for the sets I'm putting together. Hopefully I can work with trades to finish these sets, though!

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