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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's here! It's finally here!

Not Topps Series 2. My wide angle lens! I'll be able to take nicer pictures at ballparks (and elsewhere) now - I've needed this for six years. I guess I'll need to get to a Giants game and show you the difference.

But seriously, after checking Target every day this week, Topps 2 finally arrived, and they had it all. There were regular packs, rack packs, blaster boxes, and the $9.99 hanging boxes. I also saw four-pack blisters which included a Diamond Anniversary code card, labeled at $7.99.

I stared for about 30 seconds before I made my choice - four of the hanging boxes. For $10, I get 72 cards and one code card. It's the best bang for your buck as far as series 2 is concerned (other than hits, maybe). As a comparison, you could get the same number of cards in the rack packs, but you're taking the odds on the code cards. If you don't care about code cards, you could go with the rack packs. The blaster boxes, just like series 1, come with 81 cards for $20, so for $10 more you get 8 more base/inserts and one manupatch.

The rest of the week I'll bring you a peek into each box!

Base card highlights:
 Nunez looks like he's got gas problems, and Uggla's got a big ball of something in his mouth.
 I heard Andrus beat out Pierre for the spring musical lead.
 I pulled a Pineda. All is right in the world. Interesting that everything in that Kinsler card appears to be in focus other than the catcher and umpire?
 All of my Diamond Giveaway cards will be for trade after I redeem them, if you're interested. My Kimball Champions series 2 set is now underway!
 Palmer is a 60YOT, and the Maris is a 60YOT Original Back. Both are going in the 60YOT set. (If you want the Maris, you'll need to trade me 2 Kimballs or 2 60YOT.) Crawford is going in the sampler collection as the only new insert from this box.
 Cards for trade: Ian Kinslery ToppsTown and Hideki Okajima Diamond parallel.
 More cards for trade: Soriano Topps 60 and Teixeira Target "Ruby Red".
A Braves Diamond Duos. Available for trade!

The trading page is starting to take shape on this page.

Tomorrow, I'll delve into the next box.


  1. I have the following:
    BTT- 6 & 7
    KC - 98 & 72
    60YOT- 62, 73, 109

    I'm looking for base cards (and that Braves Diamond Duo)

    Let me know when your base need list is up and I'll check it out