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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cards From Across The Bay: Singles Mingles

A bit more from my card show pickups last weekend.
 I was a bit disappointed when I saw these stamp panels. They aren't really stamps. Oh well.
 The ad panels are basically the same as previous years. I chose this panel over the others because of Markakis. When I was scanning the card, I realized the back of the panel features the Roy Halladay card back.
 Gypsy Queen: DONE. Four of these cards came from one dealer, while the last, Johnny Mize, came from the dealer where I bought the Heritage panels.
 Dealers in the bay area don't seem to have many budget hits. I picked this #/50 up for a couple bucks, though - and it will be a nice addition to the new Nick Markakis collection.
This really isn't a card, and won't appear in my database. It's actually a newsprint "card" issued by the SF Chronicle. The back is whatever story was running on the other page. Most of the cards were in black and white, but I grabbed this color example for my samplers.

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