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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Introducing my Player Collections

For nearly a month now I've had a page linked in my sidebar to some player collections. It has said pending, but I'm now opening it up for trade. I was waiting to go through my extras to pull cards I already had. I probably have several of these cards sitting in Georgia, too. Oh well.

Currently, the list sits at:

  1. Nolan Ryan
  2. Tony Gwynn
  3. Barry Bonds
  4. Jose Canseco
  5. Cal Ripken Jr.
  6. Tim Lincecum
  7. Rickey Henderson
  8. Frank Thomas
  9. Ken Griffey Jr.
  10. Ichiro
  11. Albert Pujols
  12. Jason Heyward
  13. Buster Posey
  14. Livian Hernandez
I'll collect the flagship Topps cards of these players (their main card for the set, not All-Star, checklist, or other commemorative subsets), in addition to one jersey and one bat.

On top of that, I have my Geoff Geary collection, so this is a decent new undertaking. I think it's manageable, though, aside from the Rickey, Nolan, and Cal RCs.

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