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Monday, June 20, 2011

Going Postal: The Pursuit Is On

A couple purchase  packages came in towards the end of last week. First was this Sportlots purchase:
Why is this set so hard to put together? Is it too new? Too old? It's doubly awesome because not only is it a Baseball Heroes card, but it's an art card too! These cards are similar to the SP Authentic Baseball Heroes inserts from about five years ago, but they're still interesting to me. Bad news: I think I bought a couple of these cards right before having my COMC order shipped, so I could have doubles.

I picked up all the TriStar Pursuit cards you see on this page in one lot. I rarely get a chance to pick up MiLB releases because everyone who buys the stuff keeps it in hopes of making big bucks later on. This time I lucked out in a pretty good lot. The release is pretty simple - other than the Obak previews, there are base cards, parallels, autographs, and autograph parallels. Cody Johnson is a base issue, with silver foil. Brett Jackson is an orange parallel, numbered to 99. The Bobby Thomson Obak card is a limited edition of 311, but it isn't numbered. For the autographs on the bottom row, Hazelbaker is a green /25, Younginer is a gold /111, and Bromberg is blue /50.

The lot had 11 other cards that were "duplicates" for the type set. The cards below are available for trade:
 Remember, silver are base, bronze are actually orange/99, and Whitey Ford is /311 but not numbered.

There were two more autographs, both gold /111 that I didn't need.
Billy Hamilton comes from the Reds organization and Tyler Skaggs is in the D-Backs farm system.

Interested in a trade? Let me know!

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