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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not bad for $30 Part 2: Game, Set, Match.

Though it seems to be getting more difficult, I still find some set needs at mall shows. What did I pick up?

 Game! World Series Game that is. I never see these cards anymore and need a bunch to finish my set.

Game! Spot the Error is a game, after all. I decided to collect these three Opening Day insert sets, and since I traded away most of my inserts already, what you see is what I have (plus a Jason Heyward Spot The Error). I'll trade for other cards from these sets!

 Set! Turkey Red inserts look exactly the same from year to year. I grabbed two of them, but realized one was from the 2007 set and I didn't need it. This is from 2010 and goes towards my set.
(World Teams) Set! WBC Chrome - the first five from the set for my collection.
 Set! Three more for the Women in Sports collection. I grabbed a whole ton of these cheap, but I had several of them already thanks to an earlier trade. I really need Nastia Liukin and Sasha Cohen, plus a few more I'm sure.
 (Impossible to finish) Set! I'm now around 14-15% with this massive undertaking. If I finish it before I die, I'll be surprised.

 (Unlicensed) Set! I love cards with pictures of stadiums, so the Ballparks subset is right up my alley. Baseball Heroes is one of my favorite collections, and I still need several from this set.

(Mis)Match! 2005 Diamond Kings had several insert sets with multiple variations. This set has a regular issue, non-canvas, bronze, gold, platinum, silver, black frames, platinum black frames, blue frames, platinum blue frames, green frames, platinum green frames, red frames, and platinum red frames, not to mention relic, autograph, and relic-autograph versions. Count it. Seventeen versions. On an insert set. I think the sepia vs. color may mean something, but I'm not sure. By the way, Nolan Ryan has five cards in this set.

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