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Monday, June 6, 2011

1998 Sports Illustrated Then and Now Art of the Game: A This Card Is Cool Feature

This Card Is Cool brings you the sets I find worth collecting. This is seventh in the series.
It's no secret that I enjoy art on baseball cards. Most of my full sets (other than flagship issues) focus on sets that feature painted images - Topps Gallery, Allen and Ginter, Playoff Portraits. I'm surprised it took me until the seventh post to get to an art-based set for this feature.
Sports Illustrated formed a partnership with Fleer in the late 1990s and released a few sets. Then and Now was the first of three sets released in 1998 and focused on baseball greats of past and present. Art of the Game is an eight card set inserted into packs (at a ratio of 1 in 9 packs) that feature art from popular sports artists.
Each artist bring his own style to the set. My favorite card is The Prospect and the Prospector, despite not featuring a MLB player. Brooks Robinson looks like Bigfoot or Wolfman. Wouldn't it be fun to have a full set done in the style of the Cal Ripken Jr card, though? 

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