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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Standing Ovation (almost)

I participated in my first case break with The Daily Dimwit - a whole ton of Ovation. Most of us received a complete set (I did) instead of a dozen cards each of a couple players, which was a good call. I had the Reds and the Orioles - I was hoping to pull a Griffey Jr. jersey or autograph. It wasn't meant to be. I did get one hit (an autograph). Here are the inserts:
 Every one of my Reds inserts was Griffey, which was a great deal. I like the Center Stage shots, and I bet Night Owl almost would like it as well (it looks like a dusk shot, not a night shot,and it's photoshopped).
 I also like the Superstar Theatre cards. I didn't realize it while scanning, but those are two different Griffey cards on the left. The only duplicate Griffey I received is the Curtain Calls insert.
 Moving on to the Orioles, I received several Daniel Cabrera inserts, plus the one Miguel Tejada below, and another one much further below.
 The Superstar Theatre and Center Stage cards use the same background regardless of team. It would have been cool to see actual stadiums behind the players, but I guess that takes too much effort.
 For the second time, Curtain Calls was the only insert set I received duplicates of.
 This was my only numbered card from the break. All the RCs are shortprinted in the set, so the "base" set has only 84 cards. The base cards look just like this, and the baseball is textured and embossed. With the embossing, the cards don't exactly stack easily. I'm sure it was tough sorting and packing these out after the break!
The other Tejada card was another Curtain Calls insert, and yes, Cabrera was the autograph I received.

I kept the base set for my collection. I've liked the Ovation line since my return to collecting in aught-three and this is a perfect excuse to add a set to my library. I needed one of the insert cards for my sampler collection, and it wasn't the autograph. All the Orioles are for trade, and the Griffeys may be if you offer me something nice. Thanks for a fun break, Samuel!

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