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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On Location: Olive Memorial Stadium

Each card will present a stadium or other baseball landmark I've visited. This is card number seventeen in the series...

Based on the location of the stadium monument (pictured on the back of the card) and some simple research, home plate would probably have been opposite the diamond pictured on the front of the card. However, I noticed the stadium always appeared to feature four diamonds. The proper home plate would be shown here: 
 This would be the view from the diamond in left field. These current grandstands are similar in style to the original, except the original sat behind home plate in a way similar to Pearson Park. And yes, these stands are identical to the ones behind the diamond where center field was - shown in the card front.
Even with the grandstand, the grass was still there. The tree was not, at least while the Browns were here. During spring training, additional stands would sit along the area where the wall is now.
This is the location of the actual main diamond.

By the time the grandstands would be demolished, they were a mess. Graffiti covered most of the exposed walls, inside and out. Rather than save the historic structure, it was torn down and replaced with the two new sets of stands.

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