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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A&G for a Buck Fitty: Part 4 of 4

I promised something big.

Bam! $1.59. Jersey. Card. In retail. Bam.

That was quite surprising. Sure, it's Teixeira, but hey, it's Teixeira. I don't expect to pull relics from retail packs, especially repurchased packs. It would have been better as an autograph, as I don't have a sample of one yet. If you have an '09 A&G autograph of anyone that you don't want, I'll trade you for the Teixeira. I'll trade the Teixeira anyway. I'll trade any of these cards! The mini, if you can't read, is a National Heroes.

That was fun. $6 for eight hours of pack-busting awesomeness! I'm glad I picked up these packs, even if I didn't need any of the cards for my needs.

I picked something else up at Target on Thursday. That will be revealed to you tomorrow! Have a great First Day of Summer! (At this point, I'm at AT&T Park watching the Giants play the Twins.)


  1. Thanks! I was pretty shocked. And I just realized I had my dates wrong on the game, since I went yesterday.

  2. I love the discount packs especially when you score good inserts and hits. I can use the Tex relic and Beltran. Shoot me an e-mail with any needs not listed on your wants page.