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Friday, June 10, 2011

Topps Series 2 Box Number 3

Let's get right down to brass tacks. Is that right? Again I noticed some more extras, which are either posted already or will be posted by the end of the week.

 Halladay's another checklist, but I guess you gotta give him credit eventually. Nishioka looks like a pitcher in that image. And every time I see or hear Corey Hart's name I think of the 1980s.
 Hey! A Sparkle! Better put this on eBay right now! Wait, you mean that's not really a sparkle? Damn. Mitch Maier should have been in the Wall Climbers insert set.
 Is Tim Collins afraid of the batter?
 Tony Gwynn. Champion Base Ball Batter. That about sums it up. I really like this set.
 The sparkle on the Diamond Stars is exactly the same as the parallels, but it's kind of nice on the inserts. This card goes in the Ichiro collection.
 The A-Rod/Jeter card is a 60YOT, regular back. I didn't get an original back in this box.
 In the place where the 60YOT Original Back card had been in the previous two boxes, this gold card took its place. I don't need the gold so Brian Roberts and the Ludwick are for trade.
 Other inserts for trade are the Molitor and Pedroia above, and Lee/Sabathia card below.

Rounding out the box is the Target-exclusive Pedro Alvarez Ruby Red card. He's for trade!

The trading page is starting to take shape on this page.

I'll finish the box tomorrow, and then I can get to the code card redemptions!

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