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Friday, June 17, 2011

Not bad for $30 Part 4: Trade Bait Finale!

Ever notice how TV news shows leave the best stuff for last? The big interview or feature always comes at the end, after some small fun stuff. Yesterday was the big hit reveal (okay, so it was "just" a Ryne Sandberg jersey, but still...), so what could be better than that? If you read the title of the post, you know this is where I put a bunch of scans up of cards for trade. Yes, everything in this post is for trade, all extras I picked up at the show. A lot of these are "oops" pickups, cards I grabbed because they were cheap and I thought they could fit into one of my collections, but they didn't.

If you want anything you see, just leave a comment. I'll add to this that I also purposefully picked up a couple other "hits" to add to the consolation prize winner packages, but since I know nothing about football or basketball I had to go on looks alone with the cards.


  1. I can use a few of those.
    both Yaz, both Boggs, Ruth, Brett, Bonds, and Griffey Jr.
    I should have some of the 09 Upper Deck you are looking for.
    I have 7 of the 09 Upper Deck you are looking for plus 20th Ann. Gretzky #86 and Gypsy Queen # 195 and 209.

    Let me know if you are interested

  2. Can you hold 2 Chippers and Smoltz for me?

  3. Please hold the George Foster and Frank Robinson. My cards are packed for an out-of-state move tomorrow. I'll be reunited with them late Sunday or Monday. I'll find something for you. If you can be patient with me, it might be a few days before I get a chance. Thanks!

  4. Crud someone beat me to the Boggs REd Sox card...

  5. hey - im not a blogger, just another collector. stumbled onto ur cool community and being reminded why i love this hobby. i have a card or two for trade. ill study ur want list.
    im interested in the cool maury wills card in the second group. dodgers fan. im a rookie, so how do we make the trade happen?
    "just when i thought i was out...they pulled me back in."

  6. im unsure of the etiquette, but potch...i noticed ur interested in foster and robinson.
    i have some cards from them. do have any dodgers? any of u guys?

  7. Stealing Home: Been moving so I missed this post. If you see it, e-mail me at:


  8. Stealing Home: while we're at it, I couldn't reply via email to you either, so send me an email about the Wills. I'm holding it for you.