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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Diamonds Are A Guy's Best Friend

I opened up some more Topps Series 2 - four rack packs, and I'm going to show off some of the better stuff from those packs. All my available and needed series 2 cards are located on this page. I need base, Kimball Champions, 60 Years of Topps, and a few of the Before There Was Topps.

This is pack two! Thirty-six cards, including seven inserts.
Obligatory base card preview. Prince Fielder must be playing Godzilla stomping on a city or something, with that pose. And Iannetta is totally going to get cleated in the thigh. At least he didn't break his foot like Posey (who is pictured on the other side of the plate). Hm, this was a good pack. Posey, Verlander, Heyward, Fielder.
 Sparkle and ... Fade.
 A bottle magnet and a ball magnet. I didn't know this until now - Marlon Byrd went to high school within 10 miles of me, and graduated just a year before I did. I just discovered an even closer player, but that's a post for later this week.
 This is an awkward scan. I am so sick of Reggie Jackson in Yankees uniform. More A's!

I have two White Sox diamond die cut cards now, and three die cuts total. I still need a black die cut, and I wouldn't mind having one of those diamond-embedded cards. Ain't gonna happen.

More tomorrow!

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