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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Here It Goes Again

I've provided a little musical entertainment for you while reading this post.

I couldn't help myself. I had to go back to Target (really, I didn't plan this) and I picked up another Bowman blister. Maybe I'll be lucky with some Bryce goodness, or at least something I need.

Purple pretties:
  • BP23 Vinnie Catricala (Mariners)
  • BP12 Charles Brewer (D-Backs)
  • BP75 Brian Broderick (Cardinals)
Pack One:
  • BP84 Matt Hague (Pirates)
  • BP21 Jose Pirela (Yankees)
  • 57 Jorge De La Rosa
  • 74 Ike Davis (Hey! I just traded for a card of his!)
  • 179 Stephen Strasburg! Woohoo! This is going to pay off those student loans! Wait, what? That was last year? Dangit.
  • 104 Rickie Weeks (I really like the TV-looking curved design on the horizontal cards.)
  • FF5 Mike Stanton Finest Futures
  • BCP14 Anthony Vasquez (Mariners)
  • BCP85 Mason Williams (Yankees)
  • 148 Nelson Cruz Gold
Pack Two:
  • BP93 Brandon Belt (Giants) (not sure why I'm keeping this card)
  • BP30 Michael Spina (A's)
  • 18 Joey Votto
  • 71 Phil Hughes
  • 220 Chris Sale (I swear I saw this guy play in the minors somewhere last year. I don't know what team, though. But I'm keeping it for that reason.)
  • TP63 Adron Chambers Topps 100 (Cardinals)
  • 93 Mark Reynolds International
  • BCP6 Anthony Carter (White Sox)
  • BCP77 Matt Klinker (Reds)
  • 29 Jason Bay Gold
Pack Three:
  • BP39 Aaron Baker (Pirates)
  • BP102 Eric Thames (Blue Jays)
  • 90 Manny Ramirez
  • 65 Clayton Kershaw
  • 38 CJ Wilson
  • 119 David Ortiz Green 352/450
  • TP35 Julio Teheran Topps 100 (Braves)
  • BCP103 Brian Fletcher (Royals)
  • BCP40 Deryk Hooker (Cardinals)
  • 153 Ichiro Gold
  • Retail Checklist 1 of 4
Blah. Again a lack of interesting stuff. Three cards kept from this blister. That Ortiz card looks Christmasy, with all the green and red. I was hoping for some prospect parallels, or hopefully a Brightest or Topps of the Class or Best. Shut out on all three, again. Anyway, if the card isn't in red above, it's available for trade. Leave a comment below. That's it for Bowman for me, other than trading. (Please check the spreadsheet for my Bowman needs for the sampler collections - inserts and parallels needed. I'll trade for anything I need to get these off my shelf.)


  1. I'm camping , but if you'll put the gold Cruz aside for me, we can do a deal when I get back.

  2. this is unbelievably better than the bowman I opened yesterday, which might be saying something about my own packs lol.