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Friday, June 3, 2011

Bowman, Better Late Than Never?

Yesterday I posted about my luck in finding packs of Bowman. Today, I'll open the blister and hope for the best.

I have a pending trade for most of my 2011 Bowman needs, but there's no word on if it'll pan out. I'm hoping for a hit, maybe some rainbow prettiness, and hopefully a few of the more-difficult inserts.

Of course, a Bryce Harper Prospect Autograph Blue Parallel would hit the spot, covering my baseball card budget for the rest of the year. Yeah right.

And if I actually know the player on the card, bonus points! Cards in red are not for trade, all others are (leave a comment).

Let's start with the pretty purple parallels:
  • BP46 Juan Nicasio (Rockies)
  • BP100 Sean Coyle (Red Sox)
  • BP37 Dave Sappelt (Reds)
Now, the packs.

Pack one:
  • BP40 Deryk Hooker (Cardinals)
  • BP97 Yordy Cabrera (A's)
  • 55 Jorge Posada
  • 70 J.P. Arencibia
  • 61 CC Sabathia
  • 128 Mike Leake
  • 201 Kyle Drabek
  • BCP47 Sean Ochocinco Ochinko (Blue Jays)
  • BCP47 Sean Ochinko (Blue Jays) Purple Refractor 194/700 (how odd)
  • 2 Alex Avila Gold
Pack two:
  • BP34 Ben Paulsen (Rockies)
  • BP26 Chun-Hsiu Chen (Indians)
  • 8 Ted Lilly
  • 192 Lars Ulrich Anderson
  • 172 Cole Hamels
  • 164 Brian Roberts
  • TP36 Hak-Ju Lee Topps 100
  • BCP51 James Fuller (Mets)
  • BCP56 Kevin Mailloux (Mariners)
  • 217 Lucas Duda Gold
  • Retail Checklist 2 of 4
Pack three:
  • BP89 Allen Webster (Dodgers)
  • BP10 Erik Davis (Padres)
  • 81 Alex Rios
  • 88 Aaron Hill
  • 16 Jeff Niemann
  • 144 Yovani Gallardo
  • 46 Jon Lester International
  • BCP107 Garin Cecchini (Red Sox)
  • BCP99 Paul Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks)
  • 75 Delmon Young Gold

Nothing special. No hits, no autographs, no Bryce, and not much I needed. But maybe some of my loyal readers want some of these cards and we can put together a trade? I'm looking for inserts and parallels from this set, for the sampler collection. Check the Bowman section of the spreadsheet. And my pack fever should be under control until Topps Series 2 hits shelves. (I just learned a new trick with Google spreadsheets, how nice! And I put both links there because eventually that section will move.)