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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congratulations! You really may already be a winner!

The time for randomization has arrived! Here are some basic stats:

When I started this blog, I had around 30 followers, and at this moment I have 55. Three of them are "private" followers.

Thirty-eight comments were posted on the contest page from 36 different people. The other two comments were updates with blog posts.

Twenty-eight people plugged my contest on their blog.

Between the comments, followers, and plugging, there was a total of 116 entries!

Before the contest, with about 3 posts per day, I averaged about 100 daily site visits. I can attribute this to the 30 followers reading each post once. Since the contest started, I've been over 100 daily site visits, and reached 300 visits two separate days, with about two posts per day! Amazing! Not that it's all about the page hits, but it's cool to know people are visiting my blog (heck, I was pretty happy when I had my first ever followers and commenters). Your comments on the contest post and my other posts matter a lot to me, even if I don't always respond. I read every one.

I've already been thinking about my next contest - I have a prize already and everything. And I need to do a clearance of some sort this summer, if I have time. On a personal note, I have been jobless for a year and my money is running out, but I have a promising interview tomorrow morning, and if I get that job I can finally finish my move by having everything in Georgia shipped out. Keep your fingers crossed, pray for me, whatever it is you do, because that job means more spending money, which means cooler cards on the blog and hopefully more and better contests!

Anyway, all this is me trying to say thank you for everything you've brought me over the past few months - the joys of reading your blogs, writing my posts, conversing with you all about cards, and working some amazing trades.

On to the results. I typed all 116 entries in by nickname (or first name/last initial if your full name was presented) into, and hit the randomize button three times.

I guess you want to see the results, eh? Okay, here you go:

First place: cubsfan731!
Second place: cardanathema!
Third place: Eric L!
Fourth place: Napkin Doon!

I guess this shows that it's important to have a blog when entering contests? All four winners have blogs.

Thankfully they have blogs, because that makes my job easier this weekend. I'll peruse their want lists and do my best this weekend to find a little something from each one (Justin [cubsfan731] gets more than a little something).

I'll contact you guys next week when I've got your stuff together to get your addresses. If you have any other specific requests than what are on your blogs, let me know by Saturday morning.

Family is here, I have a job interview tomorrow and a card show Saturday, and I'm exhausted. I've got autoposts for the rest of the week through Sunday, and then it's back to the keyboard - I need to continue the On Location series and I have some other fun stuff coming up. I think it's fun at least, and that's what really matters, right?


  1. good luck with the interview, and have fun at the cardshow!

  2. I'm a winner! Thanks Ryan and good luck with your interview!

  3. Good luck at the card show, and have fun at the interview!! (I'm kinda backwards that way!!)

  4. Hot dang! It sure is fun seeing my name at the top of the generator. Thanks for running the contest. And best of luck with the interview.

  5. Thanks for the contest and it definitely pays to have a blog.