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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cards From Across The Bay: It's a Beautiful World

...But not for me.

I saw Devo perform this song live, using the Boojie Boy voice (did I spell that correctly?) - something that will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

The tie-in? All the cards in this post are not for me! They are all prize pickups for a couple of my contest winners.
First, who likes vintage? I found a dealer with some '71 Topps on the cheap. They are in that fabulous loved condition, so you can see by the tags that they were a great value. Tony Oliva is probably the best in this lot. I just realized that I think I picked up two of the same card, and somehow managed to put them next to each other in the scan without even noticing. Wow. I am proud to say the checklist is unchecked! Hopefully the recipient can use some or all of these cards - if nothing else they can work as trades for cards he needs.
 But wait, that's not all! Just a little Ryne Sandberg to top off the group.
 All the '71s and Sandberg are headed off to Card Anathema, a small blog (I can't call it new, since mine isn't much older than his, but I can call it small since his posts are short and infrequent, unlike my CNN-like inundation) that seems to focus on trading and contests. Hey, whatever floats our boats! Hopefully he likes these, in addition to the insanely stupid lot of basketball cards headed his way. I seriously have no idea what these cards are worth, but it looks like a fun enough little lot.

The other card I picked up at the show that doesn't go into my collection is this autographed manupatch of BJ Mullens. This heads over to Eric L at Manupatches & Chrome Scratches for his alphabet set! He's also getting a stack of football goodness. I say goodness without really knowing anything about the cards. I'll let Eric decide for himself.

Napkin Doon, I think you'll be happy what I have for you. I have a bunch of '11 Bowman inserts headed my way which will then be headed your way. Whatever you don't need you can then trade for what you do need! Since I didn't get them at the show I can't post them today. But when they arrive I'll get everything packed up, along with the non-sport extravaganza I have waiting for you.

The only other person on my list is Justin, and he's not the easiest to shop for! I had some stuff in mind but was shut out at the show. I will make you happy. Just you wait! (Hopefully not for long.)

I'll email you guys for addresses soon. Meanwhile, stay tuned! More fun tomorrow!

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