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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going Postal: Rookies, Fans, and a One-Legged Man

Wednesday was a busy day! I kicked off my contest, Topps Series 2 came out, and I received several packages in the mail. What kind of awesomeness camed wrapped in bubbles? Let's find out!

First, some stuff that came earlier this week:

Sisler and Smith finish off my Series 1 insert needs - Sisler's in the CMG Reprints set, while Smith is a Cards Your Mom Threw Out 60 Years Of Topps.
Twinkle, twinkle little star... This little gimmick came via a simple one-for-one trade with Ted of Crinkly Wrappers. One more card for the sampler collection!
 Now for Wednesday's arrivals. First, a lot of Bowman inserts. Above are some international parallels. I'll keep the Rubinstein, and the rest are for trade.
 Next, some of those beautiful Bowman's Best inserts. I'm keeping the Felix unless someone offers me something nice for it, and Crawford heads to the sampler collection. Halladay is for trade!
 Last, and least interesting, four Topps of the Class inserts. I'll keep Chavez, since he has such a strange name, for the sampler collection. The rest are for trade!
 Next up is a lot of Fans of the Game, purchased from Sportlots. I'm getting closer to completing the set, although there was a new group of cards issued in a hockey set this year that I need to get my hands on when prices get a little lower.
 Now some cards from my main man, Geoff Geary. The three above covers his flagship Upper Deck run.
And here we have a one-legged man. Poor Geoff must have lost his leg in a horrible hunting accident. I believe this is his only Topps card. The text on the back of the card isn't that nice: "Philadelphia re-signed Geary for 2005, but he'll  need more consistency before he can be trusted in high-pressure situations." Madson was described as Philadelphia's setup man for 2004, and winner of the Phillies Most Valuable Pitcher.

Speaking of not having legs (no pun intended), ESPN's Sportscenter app sent an alert notifying me that two paralyzed players were drafted this year. I know it's one of those "feel-good" type of moves, especially since at that point in the draft teams have pretty much filled their spots, but kudos to the Rangers and Astros. Maybe Topps will put them in Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.

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