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Friday, June 3, 2011

Stephen Strasburg Superfractor is Headed for Raffle

If you don't subscribe to the Beckett feeds or get the news in other ways, the Strasburg Superfractor that sold for $21k was pulled from a pack of Razor Rookie Retro by a guy at my favorite shop - Peninsula Sports Cards in Belmont.

You can read the Beckett story here.

I think it's great that this man is essentially giving this card away to charity. Because of the charities he's chosen, it's possible he could bring in much more than he would via raffle than auction - at $10 each more people can buy in and you don't have the uncertainty principle due to his injury bringing the price down.

He's supporting the Brian Stow Fund (he's the Giants fan who was beaten into a coma in Los Angeles), a couple little leagues and a couple softball leagues. Brian Stow is still in the local news on a nearly-daily basis, it seems.

The card was purchased for $16k and resold for $21k during the height of Strasburg Fever. What do you think the card would sell for now, at auction?

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