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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hit Parade: Recent Acquisitions

I'm already closing in on my 200th post. I guess I have a lot to say? If you took out posts like this, showing off all my pack and box busting, eBay, show, and store purchases, and break participating, plus the 20 On Location custom cards I made, I'd probably be at around 25 posts. So, as usual, I present another post of stuff I recently added to my collection.
 I grabbed this and the next four cards from my LCS earlier this week. I need this for the sampler collection, but I'll let it sit here as trade bait for the next week or so.
 That Javy Lopez sticker is on the penny sleeve. This is from 2002 Stadium Club, and it should fold open similar to the 1990s Passport to the Majors inserts put out by Pinnacle (see below). I say should, because it doesn't seem to open very easily and I'm not about to put a big crease in it to find out.
 I've half-heartedly been collecting some of the Bazooka jersey/bat sets, including this Adventures set from 2004.
 Also from 2005, the Bazooka One-Liners set. This set focuses on retired players. I bought this card for the sampler collection but don't need it, so it's available for trade.
 The Fun Fact set is yet another Bazooka relic set that strikes my fancy.

This sampling of cards came from the same seller. I'm collecting all of these sets, and it's always nice to be able to combine on shipping. The stickers were used as protective bookends, but I used the logos for my World Series award/leader collection.

Early this week, I received several lots of cards. I had a couple lots of 20th Anniversary Retrospectives that put me over 14% towards the 2500-card set. I also picked up a lot of these Turkey Red inserts from 2010. They're all from series 1, and the six cards below are the ones I didn't need (and are thus available for trade).

I still have some group break results and cards that came in on Saturday - I'll try to post those tomorrow. (I know you're excited.)


  1. I'd love the Larkin, if I'm reading correctly that it's trade bait. Let me see what I can find for you today.


  2. I'll also try to get that Sandberg TR, fyi. Thanks again!