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Friday, June 24, 2011

Cards From Across The Bay: Cut A Rug

By rug, I mean jersey, bat, or other game used item. And by cut, I mean chop into tiny, tiny pieces. This, the last post in the series (Finally! Aren't you happy?) will showcase the hits I grabbed at the show.

I already showed you this one:
 But I'll show it again! Numbered out of /50, for only a couple bucks!

But it gets better. The next eight cards were packaged in a lot. How much does a lot of 8 game-used cards cost? Eight bucks. Until I had purchased the lot and opened the package, I had no idea what I had, other than eight game used cards.
 Okay, so it's Jeff Kent. But it's numbered out of 200. And it's got two pieces of game used base. For a buck. Need it.
 Not numbered, but from 2001 Topps Archives Reserve. It's a $15 game used bat card with shiny refractor technology, for a buck! And I need it too.
 Todd Helton jersey from 2002 Hot Prospects, for a buck! And I need it!
 2002 Fleer Triple Crown Todd Helton bat, for a buck. Need it!
 2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove Official Issue Game Ball. The back states this ball was used in a Pirates game in 2001. For a buck. Need it!
 Who's Richard Hidalgo? 2001 Fleer Showcase Sticks, for a buck. But, unfortunately, I don't need it.
 This Bobby Higginson bat card is from 2002 Leaf (Game Collection). It doesn't scan well, but looks better in person. I need it!
 Last in the lot is this 2001 Topps Traded Dual Jersey Relic. This was inserted in packs at a ratio of 1:376, and I have this one, for a buck. I need it, of course!

Not bad, for $8, I now have seven more "hits" for my sampler collection. The other one is for trade.

But that's not all. The best card pickup of the show:
This replaces the silk card I had and traded away a month or so ago. Kendrick has some promise, and this fits nice into my sampler collection.

That concludes my week-long show and tell from the San Leandro card show! But that's not all for card shows this month. I have no idea what I'll find tomorrow at the nearby Serramonte mall show.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Wow, what a deal! Hidalgo used to have a huge fan here on the blogs. Guy sort of retired tho (the blogger, tho I guess hidalgo did too)

  2. Yeah, I'm glad I grabbed that lot! I'm sure hiflew will be a bit jealous of this lot too. But I've got something for him too.

  3. For me, it's tough to get better than a Markakis GU #d to 50 but you definitely got some nice pickups!

  4. That Markakis is a great looking card. The Kuenn is my favorite though.