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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Ramblings of My Mind and how to Stop Them

Sometimes I have a thought in my head, and I let it go. Sometimes, I can't get rid of it until I say or write about it. Here's some of the (somewhat) relevant trains of thought that have been roaring through the tunnel between my ears.

It's Sunday night, 7pm, and I'm tired. Family can sure knock the wind out of you, right? It's always fun, though - yesterday after spending two hours at the card show I spent nine more hours with family and friends having a big picnic and watching my aunt's friend's slideshow from a recent vacation. I slept for over ten hours last night just to try to catch up and ended up grocery shopping and then biking seven and a half miles on some pretty intense hills this afternoon!

Oh, by the way, Happy Father's Day to all you dads (and soon-to-bes) out there! I'm probably the last person in line when it comes to remembering days like this. I don't think much about it for personal reasons (I grew up with a single parent; my mother didn't marry or even date until I was in college).

But among all the insanity and hustle and bustle, I've managed to inject a bit of baseball card fun into my life.

I picked up some 2009 Allen & Ginter discounted single packs and a hanging box of 2011 Topps Series 2. I received a trade from Derek at Tomahawk Chopping. I started a Nick Markakis collection. I did a little shopping on Sportlots and CheckOutMyCards, and had over 200 cards set for delivery from COMC. I mentioned the card show - I met one of my readers who gave me one end of a trade (now I owe someone else!) and bought a bunch of neat cards for my collections and my prize winners. All this excitement means I'll have to find some more time to post for this coming week!

There is another contest out there in the blogosphere, too! Go check out the contest at Number 5 Type Collection, a blog after my own heart.

I've thought about starting another blog or two, and moving some of the stuff I do here to those. Does anyone have enough interest in my On Location cards/posts to split that off and hopefully have some organization to it? What about a blog similar to Number 5 Type Collection, featuring cards from my sampler collection? I've thought about both of these ideas for a while (even before I knew about Number 5 Type Collection), but I think I need some encouragement to do so.

Last, another question or topic to discuss. Allen & Ginter is the next Topps baseball release. I remember seeing several box breaks for Gypsy Queen, and there was a case break (two, if you count Facebook) for Topps Series 2. What makes you decide to join or even create a particular break? Is there interest in, say, a two-box A&G break? Maybe a 3-box Topps Update break? Lineage? Go ahead, discuss! I ask partly because I'd love to bust boxes of stuff even if I don't get to open them, and partly out of sheer curiosity.

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