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Friday, June 10, 2011

Let me read your fortune.

Welcome, my friend. Please, sit down. Let me see your hand. Ahh! Yes! I see great history and much in your future! That will be $60.

Thank you.

We shall begin. I will turn over three cards.
I see three retired players. This tells me that you need to relax and take a break from your work. You are very stressful, no?

The Carter says you are good at catching problems before they happen. Ruth is a sign of great respect. People around you are appreciative of your work. But the Murphy says you feel like you don't receive respect from those who matter most.

The Card of Hevalia says you will be dumped for what someone thinks is a better deal, but they will find out they traded for damaged goods. Your betrayers will be shown for the pigs they really are.

The beautiful gypsy Sonia tells us that your life will be restarted anew, and the animal spirit inside you will come to life. Sonia warns that you should be careful, for you may turn into a bloodthirsty wolf.

The above cards came in a small trade with Derek of Tomahawk Chopping. I believe this was our fourth trade - one per month since i started trading! And I think we already have a new one in the works. Thanks again, Derek!

Also arriving from an online purchase is this beauty:
Origins of Baseball, 1994, American Archives Publishing.

Complete, and it was sealed - 105 cards in all. There's one on eBay as of this writing, otherwise good luck finding it! All the cards are fine despite some sticking together, which I'm very happy for. This is a great historical set.

If there's enough interest I'll scan all the cards for reference. Leave a comment!


  1. Is it a bad sign that my teeth can be seen when my mouth is closed?

  2. Hah. I guess that's a comment, of some sort!