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Sunday, May 1, 2011

LA or (Pack) Bust 15, The Finale!

Fourteen days have passed since I left for LA, and 28 packs have been opened. Today, I bring you the last three 2003 Stadium Club packs!
 Miguel Cabrera FS, Eric Chavez gold. Fernando Vina is sliding into second? Maybe I could dissect this image a bit more, later on.
 Walter Young FY, Mark Prior gold. That's a unique shot on the JD Drew card, but I think we'd get tired of shots through netting very quickly if they were more commonplace.
Sean Pierce FY, Andruw Jones gold. I like the shot of Delgado, with a bunch of wanna-be Bartmans reaching out to grab the ball should he miss it. Ryan Klesko, levitating, Paul LoDuca running, Sammy Sosa about to fly off like Superman. After several packs of mediocrity, this was a good one to end with, as far as photography goes.

Well, that's all for this series! By now, I've been home for a few days and probably posting, too. (I wrote these posts before I left for LA). Most of the Ticket to Stardom and gold chunks from Stadium Club are going to be available for trade, after I go through my awards/leaders needs. And happy May Day! Anyone dance gaily around a pole while braiding it with colorful streamers?


  1. This series has made me like 2003 Stadium Club. Some of those photographs are unlike any I have ever seen on cards. I may have to get a box of this and put this set together soon.

  2. This set certainly has some unique photos. This was basically a box-worth of cards, plus I had a lot of the rookies, and I'm at 72% of the set (108/150), so it's not too hard to do.