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Monday, May 9, 2011

Going Postal 9: Kuntzs and LaCocks!

Thursday was a big day for my mailbox. Five packages all showed up at the same time! I want to showcase the trades today. I'll get to the other stuff tomorrow.

Both trades featured oddball cards, which I always appreciate! This trade from David of “é rayhahn, rayhahn” featured a lot of oddball cards:
 First, five oddly shaped awesomenesses: a Barry Colla Diamond Marks "Bookmarkers" card, 1974 Laughlin Pioneers of Baseball John McGraw, Fan Pak Standees of Jake Peavy from 2009, 2000 Pacific 7-Eleven coin, and a KAS MSA disc from 1985 of Tony Gwynn (my hero!).
On the traditional card size front, a Knoblauch hologram, Pinnacle Pepsi D-Backs, a couple 2010 Upper Deck inserts (can't remember what Buscher is doing in there, but I went to Buscher Middle School which is odd enough, a Bicycle Playing Cards Rookies of Chad Curtis, MLB Showdown, and a 2008 Documentary card (again, don't remember why it's there). Thanks, David! I keep seeing his blog name pop up in other people's trade posts, and now I finally can say it too. So here it is again: “é rayhahn, rayhahn”. Yay!

Now for the dirty name portion of this post! Timothy of The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame contacted me about some stuff he had that I might like, and boy do I. More random oddball stuff came my way! Many of the cards feature some of the greatest player names to ever grace a piece of cardboard: Rusty Kuntz and Pete LaCock. I feel so naughty just for typing this post! Anyway, here's what goodies were in the envelope:
 This awesome art card was the largest one in the package, and is actually a postcard. It appears to be a team issue.
 Almost as large as the Kuntz, this LaCock fit nicely in the wrapper. I think this is a team issue as well. I need to check my emails to see what he said.
 This little thing is just a bit smaller than a standard card. I totally remember this card set, even though I've never seen a single card in my life. It's somewhere around 1000 cards (or stamps, or whatever these actually are), and I believe it features every single player to ever wear a Dodgers uniform from 1890 through 1990. Why do I remember this set? I literally typed in every card from this set into a database many years ago. I haven't had that database for more than 15 years, but it's great to actually have a card from that set.
 Several more oddball cards. I think this Mothers is from a different year than the one I received last month. And the one below is from yet another year. I think the one above is most awesome. You've got Kuntz, Plummer, and Didier. Use your imagination and you have all the porno names you need. Oh, yeah, there's also a team issue from the Nashville Sounds, a Coke/Wendys Tigers team issue, a couple Conlons, a few more minor league cards, and three LaCock senior league cards. Whatever happened to the senior league? I guess nobody wants to see old guys limp around the bases - they could just go watch softball for that? Anyway, thanks Tim!


  1. Dude, that is a 2008 UD Documentary GOLD card.

  2. Yeah! I noticed that after I wrote this post. I totally couldn't remember why it was included. And I forgot that I needed the 2010 Upper Deck base as well! Thanks again, man.

  3. Yup, both team issues. The Kuntz is a "Wave" Postcard that celebrated the 84 Tigers World Series Championship. The LaCock is just a Royals Team's #10, but I forget whether it's 1980 or 1981.