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Thursday, May 12, 2011

On Location: Angel Stadium

Each card will present a stadium or other baseball landmark I've visited. This is card number eight in the series...

Angel Stadium has been around a long time. The Big A was started in 1964, was renovated to add football in the late 1970s, and was renovated back to a baseball-only stadium in the mid-1990s by the Disney Company. The main entrance currently features gigantic baseball bats and two scale model New Era caps. Inside the stadium, the main feature is the California Spectacular built in the Disney remodel beyond left-center field.
 My seat was down the third base line, and a foul ball landed about ten seats away from me. The seats actually face straight ahead, which in this case would be towards center field. Everyone has to turn to watch the game.
And as you can see, I had to look through heads to see the action, because of the seating bowl alignment.
 You have to give the billboard owner credit for locating the board right behind center field.
The view from the dugout shows the multiple seating levels. Unlike in Dodger Stadium, it is possible to move throughout Angel Stadium. While I didn't get a ball or autographs, I had the opportunity. The home plate gates open two hours before the game, giving plenty of time to watch batting practice. There are plenty of food choices in the park.

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