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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Fightin' Phillies at a Bargain

One of the great things about Colbey's affordable group breaks at Cardboard Collections is the ability to get a bunch of cards for a particular team fairly cheap. Really, that's the great thing about any break, but Colbey does his at Wal-Mart prices. Hits tend to be few and far between, but that's fine - I'm usually hoping for a little stack of cards to add to my Awards/Leaders collection and perhaps a couple inserts I need for the sampler collection.

To avoid running up a ton of extras of players I don't need anymore and hopefully increaase my luck with the awards/leaders, I've been spreading my love across the major leagues, trying to pick different teams in each break. The first team I picked up was the Phillies.

In general, I hated the Phillies. It goes back to the 1990s, when the Braves and Phillies were fighting it out for first place in the NL East, and we always heard about those nasty players in Philadelphia like John Kruk and Mickey Morandini, and mullet-headed Curt Schilling. Two of those guys are below.

I don't hate them so much anymore. The team image has changed, and players I used to dislike on the Phillies have changed teams (Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell - now with the Giants and I still don't like him). Like them or hate them, if they fit in the collection, I gotta have them. Let's see how I did.

I scanned each unique card below, but I ended up with doubles and triples of some of the cards (mainly the Topps and Upper Deck packs). If I don't mention I need it, I'll trade it!
 2005 Topps - got plenty of them! No inserts, and no Cyberstats parallels either. I didn't need any of these players. Terry Pendleton of the Braves gets a cameo appearance in the Eisenreich card!
 I always liked the name Heathcliff Slocumb.
 1997 Upper Deck - Series 1. I need one card to finish my set, but it's in series 2. Those two cards at the bottom aren't inserts, they're foil-shiny Star Rookies. I like the base cards in this set - above each player's name is a small caption and the date the photo was taken. There's even a small writeup about the photo, on the back of the card (while the photo on the back of the card gets no caption). That Morandini card is a nice shot, but look at him push that poor Pirate out of the way. I didn't need any of these cards either!
 2008 UD Timeline is next on the block. I don't think I quite understand this set, mainly because I never tried to. Insane set collectors, all five of these cards (yes, including the two SPs at the bottom) are for trade.
 When your PLANNING CRASH!es, remain FEARLESS. Perhaps that's what Fleer is trying to teach us. 1996 E-XL. All available.
Please, please, please let me need one of these cards! This is 1997 Pacific Prisms, and if I remember right the "base" cards are the fancy ones. The other three cards are Gems of the Diamond. And all of these cards are available.

Well, the Phillies were a bust, but as always this was a fun break! I bought into the Mets, too - I'll post those tomorrow.

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