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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New York Metropolitans on a Budget!

I think the Mets should go retro and call themselves the Metropolitans again. And the Dodgers should go back to the Trolley Dodgers, but that's a different post.

All these cards came from Colbey at Cardboard Collections in his May affordable group break. Yesterday I posted my goodies from the Phillies, although I ended up not needing any of the cards I pulled. Will my luck change today?

 Okay, 1995 Topps, and again I have plenty of doubles. Hey, how many teams has Jeff Kent played for?
 I needed John Franco (Saves leaders)! Finally, success!
 These three Topps Cyberstats inserts/parallels are for trade!
 1997 UD Series 2. The two Rey Ordonez cards go to the Gold Glove collection. The two Rock Solid Foundation cards on the bottom are for trade, as are the rest of the cards!
 2008 UD Timeline - only one short print here. All these cards are for trade!
 1997 Pacific Prisms - all for trade.
Last, the E-XL cards. The frames are a second layer over the photo, done in a matte finish, just like you would do to a photo before framing. Nice touch, but I'm not framing my E-XL cards.

Well, the Mets did better than the Phillies in this break - 3-0. Hopefully some of my readers out there want the extras and we can work a trade? Check out my extensive lists!

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