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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just call me Doctor Break-Dance

Okay, my mind is shot. My puns just get worse and worse, don't they? Anyway, here are my results from Thorzul Will Rule's break of 2005 Topps Retired Signature and 2003 Donruss Elite.

First, the base:
I went with the Tigers and Yankees on this one, and it paid off, at least with the Yankees. There were only four cards total with the Tigers, all of them being base cards. I actually got the Tigers via a trade with hiflew - I could have had the Pirates instead and really cleaned up on this break, but that's okay. I'm not a big fan of current players on recycled card designs, but I do like retired players on current card designs, so the Retired Signature is a nice set for me. Elite's use of shiny foilboard gets tired very quickly, so I'm not too interested in that base set.

Now for the inserts: 
 Two Yankees inserts, one from each set. the Richardson is #323/500.

And my first group break hit:
Doctor, Doctor, give me the news. I've got a bad case of loving you! (Maybe that should have been my post title.) Despite his problems, Dwight played from '84 through 2000, compiling 2293 strikeouts and 194 wins with a 3.51 ERA. If he had stayed healthy and out of trouble, he would have easily had 2500 or even 3000 strikeouts, well over 200 wins, and maybe a lower ERA, along with a really good push for the Hall of Fame. More than half of his wins came before he was 25, so he could have easily been a member of the 300-win club as well.

Available for trade:
2003 Elite Carlos Pena, Steve Sparks, Alfonso Soriano, Jason Giambi, Jeff Weaver, David Wells, Andy Pettitte, Bobby Higginson, Lou Gehrig All-Time Career Best
2005 Retired Signature Chuck Knoblauch, Mark Fidrych, Dwight Gooden autograph


  1. Sweet Gooden auto! Most certified autos of him are in a Mets uni, so this is cool (as a Yankees fan).

  2. What would it take to trade you for the Dwight Gooden auto?