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Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Community Group Break Results

I'm fairly new at group breaks. I think this is only my second report, coming from Community Gum. I didn't do terribly well - no hits or serial numbered cards. I suppose there's always next time? I have a fondness for Fleer sets. I don't know what it is - they just seem to have interesting designs and fun inserts. Oddly enough, I'm not sure I really ever collected any Fleer sets other than the flagship base sets for that project, Ultra base sets for their photography, and the Pro-Visions inserts/subsets for the TCIC collection. 
Wait a second, I'll check...



Well, other than Pro-Visions, Fleer product makes up for only four of the 251 different sets I've finished or I'm working on for TCIC. That may change eventually.

Anyway, there were several different boxes involved, so here's a sampling from every set I received:
Now for all the results.

  • From 2000 Mystique, I received Barry Bonds #9, Jeff Kent #62, Livan Hernandez #66, and THREE Russ Ortiz #81. Jeez. I'm not a big fan of this set, mainly because of the bronze foilboard. It just doesn't work for me.
  • 2001 Fleer Platinum: Jeff Kent 11, Shawn Estes 20, Armando Rios 30, Rich Aurilia 49, Marvin Bernard 81, JT Snow 106, Barry Bonds 109, and Robb Nen 156. No doubles (or triples) this time! Again, not too big of a fan, just like with Topps Heritage - I don't care too much for recycling modern sets. I don't have a problem with those that collect these kinds of sets and I understand it fully - and in about 27 years when Topps finally gets to the 1989 set, I might jump in. I say this fully knowing that I'm collecting the 60 Years of Topps set and maybe even Lineage this year. Yeah, I'm not consistent.
  • 2002 Authentix: Barry Bonds 16, Jeff Kent 39, Rich Aurilia 80, Reggie Sanders 85, and Russ Ortiz 129. In three boxes, I've pulled three Barrys and three Jeffs. I liked the Authentix sets, mainly because of the ticket design. Every Giants card features the same date, which I'm guessing is the opening day game. The Gate/Aisle is the jersey number, Row is the card number, and Seat is the number of home runs or wins that player had last season, as appropriate. Interesting.
  • 2003 Avant: This is a very classy looking set. There's a lot of border, mainly white, but it's done like a painting frame, with a textured canvas-like finish. And the photo has a blurry painting-like effect done to it. The only card I had from this set was Barry Bonds, #4.
  • 2004 Classic Clippings: Again, I only had one card: Jason Schmidt, #58. I'm divided on sets like this. On one hand, there's lots of space used in the design - the cropped photo takes up only about 1/5 of the card space. The rest of the design is just text, really. Usually I don't like this type of set (see: Donruss Champions), but here ate least it's an attractive design.
  • 2005 Showcase: AJ Pierzynski #70, JT Snow #97. Showcase was an evolution from Flair, and the design here still follows the same basic idea, with an action photo over a portrait. The only Flair set I really like is the original.
  • Last, 2003 Splendid Splinters. Two copies of Edgardo Alfonzo #3, and Rich Aurilia #86. I'm not a big fan of the wood-grained sets from '62 and '87 Topps, but some of the wood-grained style inserts over the years and this set are ones I find attractive. This was the only set that netted me inserts.

 Knothole Gang is kind of a fun thought.
Family Tree... Splendid Splinters... Knothole Gang. Hah! Every set is based on "wood"! Well, there's a Home Run Club insert set I didn't get a card from. But clubs can be made of wood, right? Anyway, I completely forgot about Lance Niekro (was there much to remember?) but he's the nephew of Phil and son of Joe. 

Overall, not that great of a break for me - no hits and only a couple inserts. Five of the cards went into the Awards/Leaders collection. Hopefully next time I'll get some more mojo!

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