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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Location: Arrowhead Credit Union Park

Each card will present a stadium or other baseball landmark I've visited. This is card number seven in the series...

Completing my journey around Los Angeles' minor league stadiums, I return to the metro area, with the long-named Arrowhead Credit Union Park. With a return to the metro area came the return of unusually foggy, wet weather. The stadium is also known as the Ranch, which is what I'll use when referring to it.
 Why is the stadium called the Ranch? This is the most California ranch-esque stadium you will ever see. Actually, the stadium gets its name from originally hosting the San Bernardino Stampede. The current inhabitants are the Inland Empire 66ers. Route 66 went (and still travels) right by the stadium, which you'll notice as you drive to the park - there are signs everywhere with the Route 66 logo, and the team's logo is in a colorful highway shield.
 The scoreboard is fairly new (2010), and is the largest video scoreboard in the California League. Any guess on who the main sponsor for the scoreboard is? It's definitely 80s style with that peacock feathering.
This photo shows you a bit more of the adobe styling of the central seating bowl. My camera was not very happy taking pictures in this stadium, so some of them turned out somewhat blurry. It was just that dark with the cloud cover.

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