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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Card Show Pickups: Space Oddity

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Time for some oddball awesomeness! It's always nice to come across a dealer with a bunch of random oddball cards - minor leagues, food issues, and specialty sets are hard to come by on your own. Looking these up at the show takes a long time, so I usually grab the cards I don't recognize outright and sort it out when I get home. So how did I do?

  • 1987 Burger King Roger Clemens - actually a panel with Will Clark and a couple long-expired coupons attached. Need it.
  • 2007 Topps All-Star Fan Fest Daisuke Matsuzaka. Need it.
  • 2007 Upper Deck All-Star Fan Fest Akinori Iwamura. Need it. I picked up a few other players at the same time: Daisuke Matsuzaka, Kei Igawa, Phil Hughes, all for trade.

  •  1988 Nestle Gary Gaetti. Need it! Unless I picked it up on COMC (I haven't had any delivered yet). It is part of the "master" collection of major releases - the original sample collection I put together of only base sets.
  • 1994 Classic 4-Sport Paul Konerko. Need it. This card features his high school stats - he batted .564 his senior year with 12 home runs in 94 at-bats.
  • 1993 Images Four Sport Billy Wagner. Need it. Actually made by Classic, and I had to do a little research to look this up. His 1993 college stats are on the back - he struck out 133 batters in 75 innings.

  •  1980 Burger King Keith Hernandez. Need it. Called "Burger King Pitch/Hit/Run" in the book.Your eyes aren't messing with you - the black printing is off by a little bit.
  • 1997 Best Derrek Lee. I was hoping this would be a team issue, but it's from the regular Best set. But, I need it. I also found another Derrek Lee.
  • 1995 Best Derrek Lee. Again, hoping for a team issue - the Quakes play in Southern California so it's a somewhat local team, but it's just a regular issue card. But still, I need it.

  • 1993 Denny's Holograms Joe Carter. Bust. I expected as much. But better safe than sorry, right? Available for trade.
  • 1995 Denny's Holograms Orlando Merced. Need it. A Denny's card I didn't have! I would prefer the action shots on these cards to be the hologram, and the profile shot to be the regular photo.
  • 1984 Milton Bradley Dale Murphy. Need it. The backs of these cards have a single line of stats from the prior year (no career stats), while the rest of the card back involves outcomes from the game.

 1974 Dodgers 1952 TCMA. Need it. This is a complete set, probably packaged by a dealer. My cost for the whole set: 25 cents. What a steal!
 Also for a quarter: three different minor league team sets. 1990 Palm Spring Angels Cal League Cards: need it.
 1990 Salinas Spurs Cal League Cards: need it.
 Last of the minor league oddballs: 1988 Tucson Toros CMC team set. Need it.

Wow, better than I thought: only one extra. The sampler collection sits at 17.274% after this run, and there is more to come! But before I end this post, one more scan:
I picked up 8 of these cards at the show. They're 1999 eX Century. These are base cards, all printed on plastic. The player and color swipe are a separate layer from the clear (yes, see-through) background. This is why you see a shadow behind the player names. I believe this may be another set I try to put together in the future. For now, they sit in the box with the 1996 Topps Laser cards.

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