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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Value Busting: 2011 Topps Series 1 and Heritage

By now, most of you have seen (and if you have a blog, probably posted) about the value boxes with the five packs of Topps 1 and two hobby Heritage. While in LA, I picked one up and busted it in my hotel room. What did I get?

Well, a bunch of Topps Series 1, of course. I'm not going to list every card I pulled. Heck, I'm not even going to show you the ToppsTown cards I pulled. I will show you the other inserts:
Two inserts per pack, besides ToppsTown, of course. You may notice that I'm missing one insert - I pulled a third Diamond Giveaway code card, which I'm kind of happy for. I think in all the Topps packs I opened before this box, I pulled a total of one History of Topps card. I guess the odds swing back eventually. All these inserts will be listed in the trade section except the Abreu - I needed it for my 60 Years of Topps set (yay!).

As for the two hobby packs of Heritage:
One pack yielded a shortprint (#479, top right), the other a chrome/1962 (Infante, bottom left). I was glad to pull Robinson as my insert. I'll be keeping the Jackie - all my Heritage will be posted when I get my for-trade pages reorganized.

I'll be honest - I bought the value box for two things, really - the Robinson and the code cards. Of course, hoping for something great was on the list, but I was hoping to get a diamond die-cut or something, plus I'm on the quest for 45 unique rings. What did I get?
Sure, it's 1984, but it's got the handlebar, front and center. I may actually keep this one.
 Ahh, 1973, that's better! Not a bad picture, either, though they could have blown it up and cropped it?
Argh. Doetsch-bag. Can't win them all.

I dug three more unique rings, bringing me to 17. My iPod skin is on the way!

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