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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Going Postal 12: A Rockie Breakdown

Things are kind of slow around here in the baseball card world. I've been busy with other things anyway. My spare time has been full of Rock Band, house cleaning, and tech support for friends, as I've given Blogger time to settle down. And as luck would have it, I had some nice deliveries on Saturday and Monday! As I find spare time this week I'm going to try to put together a few more On Location posts, a feature, and spend a little time letting you know about all the somewhat-unexpected goodies that arrived in my mailbox.

Today I'll let you know about a bit of a bust of a break I had at Cards from the Quarry. I think I just picked the worst possible teams - the Giants and Cardinals. Let's see my luck:
Upper Deck X is a set I never really got into. It just feels like a poorly-designed version of an SP set.

 Gypsy Queen Rockieness. Despite needing only about 15 cards to finish my set (hint hint), I have yet to buy a single pack of Gypsy Queen.
 A couple Cardinal Upper Decks. Wellemeyer looks like he's about to fall on his face, and Carpenter looks like he's letting out a little gas. The 2010 design is pretty smooth.
 2004 Bazooka. I picked the Cards and Giants solely because of Bazooka, in hopes of pulling relics. Yeah, bust on that. I have the complete Comics sets from every 2000-era Bazooka set. The cartoonish relic sets are pretty fun too, but I don't have any to show.
 Bowman - a set I could use some of the inserts from, and again I got none. I did luck into one of the foil parallels.
 2008 Documentary. As anyone who's paid attention to this set knows, the set reuses images for different cards. It would be nice if they at least had unique photos for each card. I ended up with a couple All Star Game cards, and no parallels - through randomness and Johnny's gratefulness I lucked into four Astros gold parallels.
 Ah, sticker backs featuring stadiums that are no longer used for baseball! I need more of these! Or any of the old Fleer stickers/backs. I bet I have a bunch of them back in Georgia, in a box somewhere.
And last, some more Bazooka. The Schmidt is a somewhat-mini, and Duncan's a parallel. I have been trying for a while to put together a complete set of the Bazooka Joe team cards, and I managed to get both the Cardinals and Giants. The teams I need are listed in the Baseball Sets collection spreadsheet.

Not the two hottest teams in this break. I have yet to put the cards into inventory, so I'm not sure how I'll end up with cards I need (for the awards/leaders collection, mainly). I guess I can't win them all, but thanks, Johnny, for putting this break together, and next time I hope I'll get some awesomeness!

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  1. Glad you got the cards okay and sorry once again for the bad break (no pun intended). However, I did get 4 other Bazooka Joes that I am stuck with and they are yours in our next trade package (or next group break whichever comes first).