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Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Card Show Pickups: Hit Em Wit Da Hee

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If you have no idea what my title references, watch the video (or, more accurately, listen to the song). I have no idea what exactly da hee is, but I like the song anyway. Anyone remember Missy's video where she was wearing the hefty bag?

Here are the awesome hits I picked up at the card show last weekend!
2005 Prime Cuts Jersey of Sean Casey #43/50 kicks off this party. This should be going in a specific trade. If not, I need it!
 Triple jersey from 2005 Absolute Memorabilia, featuring three Rangers. But it's numbered 41/50 and I bet there's someone out there who wants this in trade!
 I'm not sure you can call a sliver of wood a "swatch" but this is 118/272 from 2006 Sweet Spot. This "Super Sweet Swatch" is ready to be traded for ... well, make an offer!
 Not everything in today's post is for trade. This Frank Thomas bat is going towards the eventual player collection!
 You didn't think I'd spend all this time posting all this stuff if I didn't have an awesome looking patch, #06/25, did you? Okay, I would have made the post anyway, but that's an awesome patch. I need this card for the samplers.
Last, #32/92, a card from one of my favorite memorabilia sets. That's Ralph Kiner up in that little picture. This card is for trade - I'd prefer one of the "Legendary" stamp cards from the same set.

I'm happy with the spread I brought home last weekend and I hope you enjoyed this week's postings! After all the cards added to the sampler collection this week, I'm up to 17.365%!

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