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Friday, May 27, 2011

May Card Show Pickups: Before I Was Born...

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Before I was born, Topps was making baseball cards. In fact, they had 28 years of experience by the time I opened my eyes.

I'm not big on putting vintage sets together from before I was born. I can get more bang for my buck working towards the sampler collection and modern offerings. It doesn't mean I don't respect it, or want it. A recent trade brought me a new selection of sample cards. I have had plans for another sample collection of base brands for a while, but never really started. This trade renewed my interest in this project. I'm being secretive about the details because if I can get it started soon I want to surprise everyone!

Ted's cards started with 1975. I needed to fill in the gaps, and this past weekend, I did a pretty good job of that. Every card was $1 or less, so I didn't spend much putting this together. And sorting through a tub of vintage bargains is a lot of fun.

In year order, I present, 1953-1975 Topps.
 Yes, there are two hole punches in the '53 Topps. Hey, it was a buck. Wasn't Andy Pafko somewhat good?
 1957-1959. The '57 set is such a plain set, but if you're showcasing full-color photos I guess that's the design to use.
 The "62" on the 1962 Topps is actually written on the card. But that's okay.
 I like the pennant cards of 1965. Compared to the years before and after, it stands out because of the team logo and curves.
 1968 Topps will always remind me of either burlap sacks or that awful '60s textured wallpaper.
 The bottom of the scan was cut off. 1972's design is pretty radical compared to the minimal designs that preceded it.
Let's finish off the mid-70s strong. 1975 Topps for the win!

Where do I stand on this project, now? I need the following years: 1951 red, 1951 blue, 1952, 1955, 1961. Yup, that's it. 60 years of Topps (61, really), done with real cards. Eventually, all these cards will come back again for a wrap-up post. Oh, and I still don't have a '51 Red for my normal sample collection.

But the vintage isn't over yet! What more is there? No, not Bowman. I had a thought of picking some up at the show, but let that go. Instead, something more oddballish.
 1960 Fleer Frank Baker. The back labels this card set as Baseball Greats. Unfortunately I already have a sample from this set. But it is a nice card, if not plain.
 The back of this one has no copyright data. It must be old, but it was printed after 1942. That puts it as a 1961 Golden Press card. A little more research confirms it. Sure, there's a big crease and nice soft corners, but it's a Hornsby that cost me under a buck! And I need it!
 This one took a little research too. 1961 Fleer Dubble Bubble Transfer. Apparently if you put this in water for about 30 seconds, you can then use it like a sticker on glass, wood, metal, and other objects! According to this site, these were inserts in 1961 Fleer packs. Someone clipped the corners on this "card".
 Alrighty, more Fleer goodness. These three cards are in pretty good shape. If I had a set of these, it would make my awards/leaders collection so much easier.
 Dodgers/Yankees for under a dollar?
1961 Yankees for under a dollar?

You betcha! While I don't need these cards for any current set or collection, I have been pondering putting the set together eventually. So, I'll add those to the "deal with it later" stack that is quickly growing.

That's the end of the vintage. Knowing I need five more cards to finish the Topps set run means I'll have a goal when I go to the June show.

Tomorrow, I'll wrap up this series with the awesomely sick mojo hit collection I picked up!


  1. Those old Fleer's from the 60's are cool, I have a few. I also have a Topps card from the three years you need (1952, 1955 and 1961). Does it matter who they are? Or is anyone good? They are available if you are interested, shoot me an email.