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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Going Postal 7: Rice, Rice, Baby

I love hearing the mail slot clap against the door. If I've been busy in the card world, it means there's bubble-wrapped goodness waiting for me to free from its confines. A couple clanks while I was away brought these two packages:
First, my prize from Cards from the Quarry. I posted on this before - it's a 44-card set with reprints of MVP winners from 1962-1981. This set served to educate me on some of baseball's history before I was born. Most of these cards will hopefully end up in the Awards/Leaders collection (they are all MVP winners, after all!). I know I'm needing Sandy Koufax. Thanks very much, Johnny!

Another clang, another envelope. Chris (AKA Cardsplitter) of The Call of Cardboard had a Jason Heyward patch that I wanted, and I had a Jim Rice jersey he wanted. He sent a few oddball extras he had of Jim Rice and others:
I remember buying tons of Coke to try to complete that Nolan Ryan set. I don't think I ever finished it. And look, another K-Mart card! This one from 1987, though, highlighting stars over K-Mart's then-25 years. Thanks, Chris!


  1. I don't think I've ever seen that set that Isringhausen is on -- I love oddball stuff like that.

  2. Yeah it's a FSN Midwest set, so it's gotta be regional. I couldn't find a listing for it in Beckett, but it's gotta be from 2008 based on the stats on the back.