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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Going Postal: Jonesing for an Autograph

A trio of trades found their way home this past week.

 First, a simple trade from Paul. He saw my extra StarQuest and base Upper Deck cards and offered up a simple equal trade - six StarQuest and four base he needed for six 20th Anniversary and four base I needed. Thanks, Paul - hope my cards have arrived or get there soon!

 Next are these two inserts from 2010 Upper Deck from Derek of Tomahawk Chopping. I sent him some Gypsy Queen cards he needed for his set. Two more cards for the sampler collection down! Thank you very much!

Last is this beauty from Craig at Compulsive Cardboard. I sent him out a stack of 2011 Topps to help him finish his set, and in return I now have a card signed by Chipper Jones! I remember seeing these on the WalMart shelf when they were first released, and I might have one or two somewhere in a box. They come with a little COA and everything. Thanks a ton, Craig! I feel I probably owe you a bit on this one.

That's it for the mailbag! Happy Sundaying!


  1. Ryan,
    got the cards thanks for the trade. Anyone else looking to trade, please check my site (embedded)